A Blirt to the End and Other Stories

Thirteen stories with Irish and American settings.

A Blirt to the End
Donal can’t do anything right, as his wife has frequently pointed out to him. Can he manage the perfect murder and suicide, or will it all end in tears?

A Famous American Poet Meets the New Irish Woman
A largely factual autobiographical tale set in The Suffolk House (as it was then) in Dublin.

Tommy saved Pat’s life and won’t let him forget it, but Pat finds a way to get even.

Mother Knows Best
Mother Earth is on hunger strike against the stockpiling of “nucular” weapons, but there is an Irish solution to a worldwide problem.

The Forged Autograph
When Rhonda the Rock and Roll Queen, disguised as a man to evade her adoring fans, needs to pee, which door will she choose: Ladies, Gents or Exit? Clue: it’s been snowing.

With Interest
A spiritual savings account pays off explosively.

Emma’s Ice Cream Tree
Can ice cream grow on trees? Six-year-old Emma hopes so.

The Communicant
A childhood obsession lasts a lifetime.

Horse Sense
A horse catches a would-be arsonist.

Until Death Do Us Part
The story behind the headline: “Deathbed Nuptials. Lovers cut down in a hail of bullets exchange vows among wildflowers.”

Full Circle
A leprechaun shows 11-year-old Brian the truth about pots of gold.

The Joy as It Flies
Can bitter enemies ever be friends? Are people really good at heart, as Anne Frank believed?

A Christmas Without Snow
A northern tourist in Key West, Florida, finds an unexpected gift from an unlikely Santa.

Published August 2012
ISBN 978-0-915330-11-9
Available from Amazon US and Amazon UK. If you don’t have a Kindle Reader, you can download the book to your computer. Go to one of the Kindle sites and click on “Available on your PC/Mac” on the right of the screen.


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