Don’t Quit Smoking: Virtues of Nicotine and Caffeine

This book is about controlling nicotine use for those who don’t want to quit – cutting down to a moderate level or, as recommended by the British Medical Journal, switching from the serious risks of cigarettes to the relative safety of cigars or pipes.

“Cigarette smokers who have difficulty in giving up smoking altogether are better off changing to cigars or pipes than continuing to smoke cigarettes. Much of the effect is due to the reduction in the quantity of tobacco smoked, and some is due to inhaling less.”

Smoking — even cigarettes — has been found to be a protection against the “non-smokers disease”, ulcerative colitis. Also, several studies have reported a reduced risk of Parkinson’s Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment (a precursor to Alzheimer’s Disease) among cigarette smokers and coffee drinkers.

Apart from personal narrative and anecdotal evidence, the information is based mainly on the results of research published in prestigious medical journals about my psychoactive substances of choice: nicotine and caffeine. Caffeine, beneficial in itself, is included because for many of us it is a trigger for smoking. Most citations are online, so you can consult the full articles.

This is a short Kindle ebook — 14,000 words, the equivalent of a long magazine article or a very short novel.

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