Meath Folk Tales

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The History Press Ireland, 2013
in shops in Ireland and
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Third printing 2020

About a hundred stories, long and short, are contained in 38 chapters, including three accounts of the threefold deaths of kings associated with Bronze Age bog bodies highlighted recently in the press and on television. The great stories of Meath that deal with kings and saints and god-figures are mixed with tales of the origin of place-names and profiles of local celebrities such as Collier the Robber, the Prophet Meldrum and Tom the Buddha. The notorious gambler Barney Curley, who achieved folk hero status by beating the bookies with his Yellow Sam coup in 1975, rates a chapter to himself. There are also encounters with fairies and ghosts and other things that walk at night, as well as the charming family legend of the Gormanston Foxes. Twenty-six drawings by eleven artists illustrate the text. See two samples below. Published by The History Press Ireland, 2013. Print edition ISBN 978-1-84588-788-9. Ebook edition ISBN 978-0-7524-9932-1.

1 Dunshaughlin
2 Slane
3 The Gormanston Foxes
4 The Teltown Fairs
5 The Black Pig’s Dyke
6 The Battle of the Boyne
7 The White Horse of the Peppers
8 Threefold Deaths
9 Cormac Mac Airt
10 Ardbraccan and St Ultán
11 Kells
12 Werewolves
13 The Hill of Tara
14 The Cursing of Tara
15 Achall (The Hill of Skryne)
16 Cúchulainn at Crossakeel and Áth n-Gabla
17 How the Rivers Nanny and Delvin Got Their Names
18 Garrawog
19 A Ballad of Moybologue
20 Taken by the Fairies
21 The Three Deaths of Fionn mac Cumhaill
22 Gates That Won’t Stay Closed
23 The Speaking Stones
24 Things You Might Meet on the Road
25 Cromwell
26 The 1798 Rebellion
27 Buried Alive
28 Lough Sheelin Loch Síodh Linn – Lake of the Fairy Pool
29 Cures and Spells
30 Hidden Treasure
31 The Prophet Meldrum
32 Holy Wells
33 Newgrange – the Palace of Angus
34 The River Boyne
35 Sleeping Soldiers
36 Navan
37 Barney Curley, Modern Folk Hero
38 Miscellaneous Tales

Werewolves - Fiona Dowling

Werewolves – Fiona Dowling

Threefold death of Diarmait - Brian Power

Threefold death of Diarmait – Brian Power


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