Over the Wall to the Trinity Ball

34 poems


 Advice by the Ocean
After Hours Jam
The Boy Killers
Cáit, Between the Lines
A Christmas Star
Complaint Against Acceptance
Eyes Alone
Fourth Level Education
The Harpmaker’s Jig
the laming
And the Milk Producers Are on Strike
The Ocean Blesses the Betrothal
Only My Love
Over the Wall to the Trinity Ball
A poem without words
The Race
Rowanberry Wine
Snáth Mara
Unfairest Cut
Why Are You Waiting?
The Wheel
When Grasp Exceeds Reach
Why Birds?

Cover drawing by Neal Ryan, coloured by Richard Marsh

See samples here.

Available from Amazon US and  Amazon UK If you don’t have a Kindle Reader, you can download the book to your computer. Go to one of the Kindle sites and click on “Available on your PC/Mac” on the right of the screen.

See Trinity News March 28, 2011, page 25, for an article on various attempts to go over the wall.


2 responses to “Over the Wall to the Trinity Ball

  1. wmried

    Part of my second novel is set on the Trinity campus and, in making a toast to his classmates, I’d like one character to quote a stanza from Richard Marsh’s poem “Over the Wall to the Trinity Ball.” I’d like to discuss this with Mr. Marsh’s family but do not know how to reach them. Bill Ried fiveferriesnovel@gmail.com

    • Hi, Bill. No need to contact my family. I’m very much alive. You may have been misled by the internet’s priority attention given to my namesake, Richard Bernard Heldmann, author of The Beetle, who used the pen name Richard Marsh. He died in 1915.
      “Over the Wall to the Trinity Ball” was first published in New Executive Magazine, Dublin, in 1981. It was reprinted with my permission in the 24 April 2007 issue of the college’s student newspaper, Trinity News, whose editor has his own Over the Wall tales. John Engle used it with permission in his 2013 book Trinity Student Pranks: A History of Mischief & Mayhem, The History Press Ireland, 2013.
      Which stanza do you wish to quote and in what context?

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