A World of Tricksters

My collection of 135 trickster tales from 22 countries and regions was finished at 65,000 words, but then I came across this rollicking mythological story from the North Caucasus of the Nart Sosruko fetching fire for his fellow warriors. The image above is the coat of arms of the Republic of Adigea. The twin-peaked mountain is the inactive volcano Mount Elbrus, just inside the Russian border with Georgia. The bird beneath the hind feet of the horse Thozhey (Little Dun) is his helper eagle, who may be his shape-shifted mother, Setenay, who regularly extricated him from jams he bravely or foolhardily got himself into.

Then two more tales, Hungarian and Icelandic, popped up and are also being inserted. If a publisher doesn’t accept it soon, the book may be too heavy to lift.