Irische Königs- und Heldensagen


This German edition of Irish King and Hero Tales was published August 2014.

Edition Narrenflug

Print ISBN 9783945242025 €13.00
Ebook ISBN 9783945242070 Amazon €7.50

Irische Königs- und Heldensagen Cover

Lovely mention of the book on Martha Frei’s blog. She added later: ” My phantasy was somersaulting while reading.”


Folk World
FolkWorld #55 11/2014

[It’s in German. Here is the English translation.]

Epic hero Cúchulainn, Fionn Mac Cumhaill and his band of warriors, lovers Diamuid and Gráinne, Scottish king Robert Bruce and the Spider, … here you’ll be taken into a half-mythical, half-historical world – Celtic Ireland around the year 0, the way it was recorded during the middle ages.
Richard Marsh is a perfect re-teller of these old tales. The American has been living in Ireland for more than thirty years, and there he can trace the events of times past also in the landscape. He works as a tour guide and tells legends and stories where they actually happened.
Gabriele Haefs translated these “Irish King and Hero Tales” which tell about a world that has disappeared. Richard Marsh’s versions are precise and authentic, but he does not forget to entertain as well, so these stories should also find readers outside the realm of Academia!

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